Our Approach

We believe wedding planning shouldn't be stressful.  You deserve to enjoy your wedding day and every day leading up to it.  You deserve to savor every morsel of the six different types of decadent cake you try out.  You deserve to celebrate finding your dream dress, to wield the product scanner like a pro as you fill up your wedding registry, to love every moment of your engagement photography shoot.  All without worrying about how to wrangle the details of you wedding day.

When you hire the Christina Burghart Events team, you can take time to do just that: Enjoy each step of your wedding journey as it unfolds. We'll be busy behind the scenes taking care of the logistics. Everything from stuffing envelopes for your wedding invitations to coordinating your vendors.  You also will have access to our state of the art, customizable, wedding planning software: Aisle Planner.  It keeps everything in one place and can even help you track your wedding budget.

Regardless of the planning  package you select, when you hire us you become part of the CBE family.  And when we say family, we mean it.  Call us and ask us your wedding questions.  We are here to help you navigate the unknown.  Everything from deciding your flowers to choosing the best vendors for your unique needs. 

We work with you to develop a customized timeline covering each aspect of your wedding.  We attend your final venue walk through and orchestrate your rehearsal.   From before you arrive on the day of your wedding  until when you depart under a flurry of rose petals in your getaway car, we will be there making sure every detail is in place each step of the way.